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The following are some resources for collegiate officiating.

  • Rules Publications/Updates

2015-16 & 16-17 NCAA Rules Book On-Line

2015-16 NCAA Rules Video

NCAA Officials Registration Opens September 1, 2015

NCAA Coaching During Injury and Concussion Interpretations

2016 NCAA Rule Changes Approved

New NCAA Signals Chart, Adds Unnecessary Roughness.

NCAA Recommends Rules for Concussion Protection

NCAA Skin Disorder Form

  • The Gear Bag

  • The Art of Officiating Collegiate Wrestling  Written by veteren NCAA Finals Official, Jim Ramirez.  First book on wrestling officiating.  Very helpful with a lot of good techniques.


High School and College Rules Differences (2014-15)

2012-13 Tough Calls Video (Added September 14, 2012)

Mike McCormick Clarifies New Stalling Points Video (added January 3, 2012)

Dr. Pat McCormick Discusses Assigning Officials at NCAA D-III Championships

College vs. High School In-Bounds Differences (Updated November 14, 2013)

Random Draw Kit (updated July 22, 2013)

Interview with Bob Bubb, Chair of the NCAA Rules Committee

NCAA Table Worker Instructions

NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee

Officiating the NCAA Tournament (DIII-DI) by Fred Feeney

Officiating the Midlands by Fred Feeney

Officiating the National Duals by Fred Feeney

Officiating the Cliff Keen Invitational by Fred Feeney

Article about NCAA Official, Fred Ambrose

Article about NCAA Tournament Officials

  • Participating Schools

NCAA Division I Wrestling Schools

NCAA Division II Wrestling Schools

NCAA Division III Wrestling Schools

NAIA Wrestling Schools

NJCAA Schools

NCWA Wrestling Teams

  • Previous Years Rules

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