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Disclaimer:  Many of the articles have been copyrighted by the author.  I’ve attempted to seek permission from many of them to post on this site.  I would ask that if you do use their work, that you give them the proper credit.

News Article on NJ Referee Ron Roberts (Added April 2, 2013)

Communication Begins with the Right Signals by Bob Whitaker (added October 4, 2012)

Kentucky Wrestling Officials Assoc. Articles

Don't Let Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Refereeing, by Stan Popovich

Whistle While They Work..A Look at USA Wrestling Officials in Action by USAWrestler Magazine

FlowWrestling Interview with NCAA Referee, Fred Feeney

Verabalizing by Bob Turner

Professionalism in Wrestling Officiating by Bob Turner

Stalling by Dick Loewenstine

A Wrestling Referee Case Study

Iowa Referee at State Tournament-A Slideshow

Stalling...It is Simple by Fred Feeney

Don't Blame the Ref by Ben Askren

Establishing or Lossing Control, by the Washington Officials Association

Retain and Recruit Wrestling Officials by Duane Morgan

Various Officiating Articles by Dr. Bill Welker from West Virginia

Wrestling Refereeing for Begineers by Jim Woolnough

Be Prepared, A Wrestling Referee's Checklist

It's Not All Work by Fred Feeney

Officiating NCAA D-3 Vs. D2 vs. D1 by Fred Feeney

Wrestling Officiating Mechanics by Fred Feeney

Coach Misconduct vs. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The Role of the Wrestling Referee by Ira Fleckman

Preventive Officiating by Ira Fleckman

Stalling, A Philosophy

Training New Officials, A Nebraska Program

Whistle While They Work; A Look at NCAA Tournament Officials by Craig Sesker

Respecting the Referee, by Keith Manos

Biting by Jim Vreeland

Stalling by Fred Feeney

Officiating Excellence from www.matref.org

Wrestling Officiating Tips

How to Become a Better Official from www.matref.org

Proactive Officiating by Duane Morgan

Stalling, Toughest Call in Wrestling by Mike Pyle

Assistaint Ref, Responsible for Stall Calls? by Mike Pyle

Handling Coaches During the Match by Mike Pyle

Man in the Middle by Fred Ambrose

A Self Evaluation Guide by Bert Lawlor

High School Coaches Dress Code by Lynn Dyche

Sports Officiating: Is It For You? by Mark Simmons

Recruiting and Retaining Wrestling Officials by Dr. Will Welker

Article on Rick Tucci by Larry Blustein

How to Get and Keep Officials by NASO

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